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Notification about Physics Lectures for Students.

We are providing the Fsc students with physics video lectures, which cover all the basic topics as well as the most conceptual topics regarding Fsc course. Don’t worry if u haven’t prepared your subject well till now.

1:- Bohr Atomic model (2nd year)

2:- Atomic Spectrum (2nd year)

3:- Speed of Sound Waves (1st Year)

4:- Factors on which speed of sound in Air Depends (1st Year)

5:- Interference Of Waves (1st Year)

6:- Standing Waves(1st Year)

7:- Organ Pipe (1st year).

8:- Open Organ Pipe (1st Year)

9:- Doppler’s Effect (1st Year).

10:- Introduction to Physical Optics (1st Year)

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